Well you won't see a christmas tree here, but look at Misha!
Our little sweet mascot has already fallen for christmas atmosphere ^-^

Misha asked us to you, who still have faith that the little community is still alive to wish you a merry christmas! And most of all - silent, calm, full of sleep, full of those people you really want to spend this time with!

one more time happy christmas guys =)

Aninreh who is probably dead
Crimson who fights for pink_futerko with Anin
Misha who is here always ^^
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Great news of today:
1. I passed Maths
2. I`m in Japan.

Tomorrow I`m seeing D`espairsRay in Mito :)
Then I`m going to Kobe, Hiroshima and Fukuoka to see Dir en grey ;P

I`m in Japan since today morning. Now I`m in Mito, in some Internet cafe, trying not to fall asleep on the keyboard ^^;

Anin, I sent you an email to your interia address. Please answer, it`s rather important.
D=OUT Reika

Dir en grey in METAL HAMMER

In Polish edition of the METAL HAMMER magazine (09.2007) there was an article about MH Festival. It included a short part about Dir and a photo.

original size: here

After Coma there appeared a band which raised the most emotions. Inviting the Japanese band Dir en grey was a great idea. It turned out that they had many fans in Poland, especially girls. In the afternoon crazy teenagers, dressed in Harajuku Girls style, ran aroud the back area of Spodek searching for members of Dir en grey. They took photos with them and asked them for autographs. In the evening they took places in the very front of the pit to sing the band's crazy songs along with the vocalist Kyo. Dir en grey's concert turned out to be pure madness. Kyo put his t-shirt on his head, writhed on stage, barely panted, just to sing whole-heartedly a moment later. Total mix of melody, chaos, screams and tranquility. Dir en grey is an extraordinary phenomenon. It was worth seeing them live, even if I didn't understand much of their performance.

I won't comment on this little text but I guess you know what I think about it :/
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Dir in Gazeta Wyborcza

Gazeta Wyborcza (13.08.2007)

original size: here

I had to order it, since it was only in the regional (Silesian) part of the newspaper XD It took 12 days to ship it from Katowice to Gdańsk -.-"

(And the news of the day is that Dir are releasing a new single in October :D)
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following Dir en grey - update 5

Katowice, Spodek, Metal Hammer Festival, 12.08.2007

Dir en grey for the first time in Poland.
We arrived at Spodek at exactly the same time as the band. 
Security SUCKED. When someone got hurt, they did nothing. Crowdsurfing was banned but they did nothing to stop it. 
We gave Kyo an album of Beksinski´s art.
First three rows were all taken by Dir fans. The band, however, seemed to get positive reaction from not only their fans, but majority of the crowd.
The band gave a really good concert, and I hope they enjoyed playing in Poland. 

Munich, Muffathalle, 15.08.2007

Even in London the crowd wasn´t THAT bad. 
I'm pretty sure I'd be one of those that were taken out by security, if it wasn't for the fact that I was in the front, constantly being splashed with water by them.
The show was AMAZING. Dir seemed to really have fun and enjoy it. 
We met Fair to Midland's guitarist and drummer before the show, and asked them for autographs. 
I don't know what was the capacity of that place, but the stage was small. I think such places help creating a better atmosphere between the band and its fans. 
Muffathalle was situated at a lovely spot by a river, which gave us a nice place to wait.

It´s such a shame it was already the last show. 
We're both bruised and have sore throats, but still we're happy and satisfied. 
We're in Berlin right now. We need to get a few hours of well-deserved rest, and maybe we'll start looking like human beings again XD
Be back home in a few days!