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Dio - distraught overlord- to play in Poland

Dio will play in Poland for the first time. The concert will take place in Poznań, on November 25th.
Why do I write about it?
Because a lot depends on this concert.
You see, even though there are a lot of jrock fans in Poland, very few of them actually bother going to gigs. Especially those gigs that are organised here, in Poland -.-
If there are less than 200 people, Dio will not come back to Poland. And the probability for any other band to play here would get even smaller than it is now.
So I'm asking all of you - if you want Japanese band to play here, go to the Dio gig!
I will definitely be there.

Here you can find info about tickets.

Today we start selling entry rights for the concert. Unfortunately, it will not be done the same way it usually is. There will be no tickets, you will enter upon showing the confirmation of payment at the door. For this you will receive some memorial/souvenir (?) card. We are sorry for doing it this way, and we promise to make it better the next time.

This is where money should be sent.

name of the receiver:
Agata Anna Pasek

ul. Wiejska 92
42-512 Sarnów

account number:

Dio concert

Money has to be sent before September 26th. That's the final day when Dio's management wants to see the whole sum.

The price is 65 złoty / 20 euro / 15 pounds / 30 $.

Please. If you want anything jrock-related to ever happen in Poland - go to this gig and show them that there are people who can actually move their asses and do something, instead of just whinning. Please.
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