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Welcome in the new year!~

Although a little delayed here is the new year greeting note!

Anyway I don't have anything too smart to write but I will anyway ;) I'm patiently waiting for my x-mas gift from cdj to arrive (and that's kind of annoying taking into consideration our post offices work >__>). I had hoped that the cds will arrive so that I will have a little review to write about them... so for now - sorry XD

Well I'm sick and can't attend many univ subjects (beside those i really NEED to attend.... >__>), my mind's a little funny and the world is like a marry-go-round. So much fun for me then.

Argh ok I will just shut up for today and go back to writing an evaluation for a kid who was kind enough to agree and be our lab-rat (there are some subjects at the uni that one would really like to just kill v.v)

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