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Dio - distraught overlord- to play in Poland

Dio will play in Poland for the first time. The concert will take place in Poznań, on November 25th.
Why do I write about it?
Because a lot depends on this concert.
You see, even though there are a lot of jrock fans in Poland, very few of them actually bother going to gigs. Especially those gigs that are organised here, in Poland -.-
If there are less than 200 people, Dio will not come back to Poland. And the probability for any other band to play here would get even smaller than it is now.
So I'm asking all of you - if you want Japanese band to play here, go to the Dio gig!
I will definitely be there.

Here you can find info about tickets.

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Please. If you want anything jrock-related to ever happen in Poland - go to this gig and show them that there are people who can actually move their asses and do something, instead of just whinning. Please.


sashiburi des une? yeah, yeah, I know, it's my fault ;_;
but still I do not want to abandon this place, since there are many very good memories written in this comm's history ;)
I swear I will try harder I do!!

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me again~~

The funny thing is I should write somthing for my own blog but kind of - I don't want to write in polish now more than I have to (an essay for Oldpolish Literature is waiting for me - we have our date settled for today). So you have to bear with me a little longer, but today it won't be that boring (I hope XD).

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Welcome in the new year!~

Although a little delayed here is the new year greeting note!

Anyway I don't have anything too smart to write but I will anyway ;) I'm patiently waiting for my x-mas gift from cdj to arrive (and that's kind of annoying taking into consideration our post offices work >__>). I had hoped that the cds will arrive so that I will have a little review to write about them... so for now - sorry XD

Well I'm sick and can't attend many univ subjects (beside those i really NEED to attend.... >__>), my mind's a little funny and the world is like a marry-go-round. So much fun for me then.

Argh ok I will just shut up for today and go back to writing an evaluation for a kid who was kind enough to agree and be our lab-rat (there are some subjects at the uni that one would really like to just kill v.v)

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